Point and Shoot Camera vs. DSLR: What is The Difference?

Point and Shoot Camera vs. DSLR

Have you ever faced a choice of what camera to purchase for an upcoming holiday or just needed to replace the old family camera with a new and better model? Your pain has just started because so many decisions need to be made. There’s also the budget to keep in mind because purchasing a camera can get expensive.

The technical terms you need to know before looking for a camera is: Point and shoot vs. DSLR camera and all the other cameras?

Here’s a general guide.

What are Point and Shoot Cameras?

canon powershot

A point and shoot, also referred to as a compact camera, is a camera designed for simple operations. Most of these cameras use auto-focusing without anything you have to do. These camera have automated methods for setting the choices for exposure and built-in flash. These are not costly and recommended for photography on a daily basis. These are also easy cameras to take photos on your holidays, nights out, and pictures of your family and friends in general.

Simple, user-friendly, and small in size, these cameras do not make much noise. It’s just as fun to use a point and shoot camera as using your mobile phone camera. Even if it gets stolen or damaged, repairing it won’t cost that much and the affordability won’t ding your wallet. You can store your pictures on a different memory card as well, so you won’t lose them.

Unfortunately, these cameras do not have high-quality images; they have small aperture sizes, which means they have less field depth, less feature power, and lack of low-light capability. These cameras also have limited shutter speed and fixed lenses, enabling you to have few choices and a short battery life. Moreover, cameras-based smartphones have become their competition for the regular use of taking pictures.

What is a DSLR Camera?

canon m50

DSLR cameras are the interchangeable lens cameras with a professional look. DSLR or Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera, is an acronymn. DSLR cameras have a list of benefits such as improved image quality, optical viewfinder, and interchangeable lenses.

These cameras also provide better low-light performance, better adaptability, and almost every aspect of the camera can be modified. It has faster shutter and focus speeds, you can adjust the aperture, it boasts longer battery life, robustness and durability, and it’s designed to fit your hands better, it’s all about gripping the camera and wielding it.

Professional photographers use these cameras, they’re not as cheap as shooting cameras and they are quite pricey, from the cheapest cameras to the high-end cameras. Yeah, they have all the extra functions and settings and lens options, but to get one of these cameras you have to fork out a lot of money. In fact, you will invest in all the requisite accessories, lenses and visible flashes.

They’re large, they need better care and maintenance and they’re not very compact. There’s also the things to deal with, and a lot of extra equipment to carry. If something breaks, you could lose a lot of money and you have to fix it.

camera, lens, accessories

Here is some aid in selecting a good mid-range model, both point and shoot cameras as well as DSLR cameras:

Point and Shoot Cameras

A good choice is the Canon Power Shot series. It comes with a DIGIC 7 processor, 20.1MP CMOS sensor, with raw shooting, and a lens that is equivalent to a f/1.8-2.8 24-100 mm lens and burst shooting up to 8fps.

The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II could be a great choice for photographers and vloggers who want functionality over form. When it comes to professional quality in a compact camera, this is as close as you will get.

The Panasonic SZ200 is also an excellent point and shoot camera for those who travel a lot. The built-in lens boasts a 24 mm wide-angle lens with fantastic zooming abilities.

Do professional photographers use point and shoot cameras?

A high-quality point-and-shoot camera can be a lifesaver in photography world. With its lightweight size, fair price tag, and range of professional features, it’s no wonder that point-and-shoot cameras have become a favorite gear for many photographers

DSLR Cameras

These are DSLR cameras at the hobby and beginner level with a price tag more comparable to the one seen with point and shoot cameras.

The Nikon D7500 is described as an outstanding DSLR camera, well-rounded. It sports a lightweight, compact body that still performs quality work.

It also has 4 K video capture and a cool touchscreen tilt-angle that shows you all you need to see.

Like all cameras in Canon’s Rebel series, the Canon EOS 80D is a fantastic option. It is very user-friendly, and it boasts 45-point autofocus effective and accurate. The focusing of the live view also provides fast focusing speeds that will make you feel comfortable when using this camera.


In the end, when it comes to choosing the best camera for your needs, it is up to you and your preferences. Go with a point and shoot option if you want quick convenience for taking pictures with adequate results. Consider a DSLR if you want stellar photos and the ability to adjust the settings of the camera to create amazing visual effects.

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